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Work Sponsorship


This following outlines GB Taekwondo’s endorsement requirements for work sponsorship under the Points Based System for Tier 2 (Sportsperson).

GB Taekwondo has consulted with British Taekwondo in drafting these requirements.

The sportspersons category of Tier 2 of the Points Based System is for elite sports people and coaches:

  • who are internationally established at the highest level;
  • whose employment will make a significant contribution to the development of our sport/GB Taekwondo at the highest level in the UK;
  • who intend to base themselves in the UK.

The Home Office recognises Sport Taekwondo UK Limited trading as GB Taekwondo as the lead performance programme/body for WTF Olympic taekwondo in Great Britain for the purpose of setting endorsement requirements and issuing endorsements to employ elite sports people and coaches to the GB Taekwondo programme.

The purpose of an endorsement is to confirm to the Home Office that the application is genuine, accredited through GB Taekwondo and we have a legitimate requirement to bring migrants to the UK from outside the EEA as elite sports people.

Nationals of countries in the EEA and Switzerland have the right of free movement and residence in the UK.

GB Taekwondo as the Sponsor can assign Certificates of Sponsorship to migrants in receipt of an endorsement, which enables the migrants to apply to enter or remain to stay in the UK.  It is important to note that a Certificate of Sponsorship does not guarantee an application will be successful.  The decision is made by the Home Office, and is subject to satisfactory compliance with all immigration regulations.

Endorsements will only be given for employment by GB Taekwondo.

Criteria for coaching staff

An endorsement will be issued to salaried staff only.

An endorsement of Certificate of Sponsorship will be issued if the following criterion is met:

Taekwondo coaches must be of the highest calibre and able to make a significant contribution in terms of the development of GB Taekwondo athletes at the highest level.  Coaches would be expected to demonstrate they have a proven record of working with athletes who have achieved medal success at international competition level and have coached elite athletes for at least three years.

Length of issue

A Tier 2 (Sportsperson) employment endorsement will be issued as follows:

  • Initial application – for the length of the contract or up to three years maximum, whichever is the shorter.
  • Extension application – for the length of the contract or up to two years maximum, whichever is the shorter.

An extension application endorsement will be subject to a continuing contract of employment.


The salary will be negotiated based on the appropriate level for the role and as compared to similar positions.  The conditions of employment cover all employees within the team, both resident workers and those from abroad.


Any disputes will be dealt with by GB Taekwondo’s discipline, grievance or complaints procedure.


These endorsements will be reviewed annually in October of each year, commencing October 2014.

Document produced 26/09/2013 in line with the Home Office’s “Points Based System” guidance, published November 2008.

Further Information and Contact

Comprehensive information on the Tier 2 (Sportsperson) category of the Points Based System is available on the Home Office website at http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/visas-immigration/working/tier2/

GB Taekwondo: Garry Adams, HR Manager, GB Taekwondo, Excel House, Etihad Campus, Rowsley Street, Manchester, M11 3FF, by telephone on 0161 230 1132 or email: hr@gbtaekwondo.co.uk

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