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GB Taekwondo ‘Talent Club’ initiative

The ‘Talent Club’ concept has the aspiration of supporting a connected community of clubs and coaches that prioritise Sport Taekwondo and have a proven track record of developing performance potential and high performance athletes.  By bringing together forward thinking clubs and their respective coaching networks the vision is to support and enhance the existing learning and training environments that clubs provide for their highest potential athletes. Selected clubs will have the opportunity to significantly contribute to the continuous progression of the GB Taekwondo developmental pathway from grassroots through to high performance.

Existing GB Taekwondo recognised ‘Talent Clubs’

Gurumu Taekwondo – London

Kang Han – Mansfield

Scorpion Taekwondo – Doncaster

British Taekwondo South (BTS) – Southampton

Ultimate Taekwondo – Doncaster

Quest Taekwondo – Penistone

Jeon-Sa – Stockport

Premier Taekwondo – Huddersfield

What does GB Taekwondo look for in a ‘Talent Club’?

GB Taekwondo is seeking clubs that can actively demonstrate a ‘growth mindset’ in relation to their ongoing development and progression.  We look for clubs that can demonstrate an ability to connect and collaborate with the wider club network and can demonstrate a track record of developing athletes that can be successful at National and International level.  We look for clubs that are forward thinking in terms of developing their coaches both in number and in skill, set the highest of standards in terms of the safeguarding and welfare of their athletes and continuously seek new and innovative ways of supporting and developing their athletes.

When can my club be considered for ‘Talent Club’ recognition?

The window for submissions of interest is currently closed but it is anticipated that GB Taekwondo will seek further interest from new clubs in 2016……….

To be considered for inclusion clubs will first of all need to submit an expression of interest outlining how they meet a framework of minimum standards sought from clubs, the existing minimum standards are listed below:

  • Club is affiliated to British Taekwondo.
  • Active and current website.
  • A mission statement aligned to GB Pathway.
  • Able to evidence a minimum of 3 Sport TKD sessions weekly.
  • Evidence of a minimum of 2 athletes in Talent Pathway at time of application.
  • Can evidence ongoing coach development over previous 12 months.
  • Website has reference to and reinforces the BT Collaboration process.
  • Able to evidence a minimum of 1 testimonial from club outside current network?

Once the requisite form has been submitted and satisfactory evidence has been supplied, clubs meeting the minimum standards will then have an opportunity to view the full criteria for achieving Talent Club status.  All clubs wishing to continue with the journey will then receive a club visit before GB Taekwondo formally advise those clubs accepted to work towards full ‘Talent Club’ status.

It is anticipated that to achieve full ‘Talent Club’ status may take 6-9 months however clubs working towards meeting the full criteria will receive related benefits during this time.

Please direct further questions via email to: derek.morgan@gbtaekwondo.co.uk

The deadline for expressions of interest has passed and further expressions will not be accepted at this time. 

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