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World Taekwondo Grand Prix In Manchester

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The word taekwondo translates in to English in three different parts, ‘tae’ means to kick or jump, ‘kwon’ means fist or hand and ‘do’ means the way.

GB taekwondo athlete and Manchester-based fighter Mahama Cho continues his preparation for Thursday the 16th of October, where he will compete within the 80kg+ event in the World Taekwondo Grand Prix in Manchester.

Cho won gold at the Manchester’s Grand Prix event in 2013 is aware of the difficulty involved with reproducing the level of performance that earned him that title.

Cho told TNT, “Its not easy to represent your country day in day out, there’s a lot of discipline and self control involved, but we have the best facilities and coaches here”.

The forthcoming Grand Prix gives Mahama Cho the opportunity to solidify his place at the Rio Olympics in 2016. Cho is currently ranked in 8th position and his current ranking would require him to fight in a play-off round, as only the top 6 rankings automatically qualify for an Olympic event.

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