GB Taekwondo & Anti-doping Awareness:

Doping in sport remains a serious issue putting athletes’ health at risk, threatening the integrity of clean athletes and the reputation of the sport.

Whilst doping is not prevalent in our sport it is essential that as athletes, parents, coaches, support staff and practitioners we are, aware, informed and familiar with where to access resources, how and where to check medications and the process by which to assess the need for supplements, as well as being familiar with the wider components of clean sport.

As a sport we have a collective responsibility to inform and educate athletes, as well as, the individuals who support them – should we ignore our responsibility there are profound consequences for the sport.

GB Taekwondo embrace UK Anti-Doping’s (UKAD) programme of deterrence, detection and education resources to ensure that the integrity of our sport is protected.

Therefore, GB Taekwondo endorse the testing programmes implemented by UKAD and World Taekwondo (WT) meaning that athletes may be tested anytime, anywhere at competitions (deemed to be ‘in competition’) as well as National Squad training sessions (deemed to be ‘out of competition’).

Furthermore, GB Taekwondo support and endorse Athlete Whereabouts and the testing programme delivered through the Registered Testing Programme, (RTPs).

GB Taekwondo are committed to the dissemination of education, resources, and information to uphold clean sport through all channels of communication to include social media, workshops, website links as well as through word of mouth. Concerning the delivery and our approach to education we believe in values-based philosophy which shine a spotlight on the relevance of clean sport to athletes, coaches, support personnel and team leaders.


Doping is the administration of a prohibited substance and method to enhance performance or recovery. It undermines the integrity of sport, the ethos of competition and potentially would allow science to determine sporting results. It can adversely affect the health and well-being of athletes.


The World Anti-Doping Agency was founded with the primary aim of bringing consistency to anti-doping policies and regulations within sport organisations and governments across the world. WADA coordinated the development and implementation of the World Anti-Doping Code (Code), the document harmonising anti-doping policies in all sports and all countries. For more information, please visit their website:

The World Anti-Doping Code is also available for download whilst the website features the associated international standards too:

  • Prohibited List
  • Testing and investigations
  • Laboratories
  • Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)
  • Protection of Privacy and Personal Information
  • Code Compliance by Signatories
  • Education
  • Results Management

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) have released their 2023 Prohibited List which will come into effect on 1st January 2023 and have also published major changes, please click to view them.


UKAD is responsible for ensuring sports bodies in the UK are compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code through implementation and management of the UK’s National Anti-Doping Policy.


GB Taekwondo’s Board of Directors hereby resolves that the anti-doping rules of GB Taekwondo comprised in UKAD’s anti-doping rules shall stand repealed and will be replaced by the following rule:

The anti-doping rules of GB Taekwondo are the UK Anti-Doping rules published by UK Anti-Doping Limited (or its successor), as amended from time to time. Such rules shall take effect and be construed as rules of GB Taekwondo. They can be found here.

Please do not hesitate to ask British or GB Taekwondo questions about the anti-doping rules. You may also contact UKAD directly, who will be able to answer any queries and provide guidance. For more information, please visit UKAD or read a full explanation of the rules in this infographic.

There are also numerous ways to contact UKAD if you are concerned that doping may be taking place. Click here to report your incident in confidence.

Education (Coaches, Practitioners and Support Staff):

In 2021 UKAD launched its Clean Sport Hub, a new platform for e-learning and education. It supports the delivery of innovative and tailored education activities leading to a culture of clean sport. It will also provide resources and information to include access to Clean Coach and Clean Advisor online education resource.  Coaches coaching athletes are required to keep their Clean Coach certificate up to date and support staff should maintain Clean Advisors.


Instructions to download the 100% me app for athletes:

Step 1:  Open the App store on your mobile.

Step 2: Search “100% me”.

Step 3: Open the 100% me App.









Be Me 

Check out our ‘Be Me’ posters for an overall summary:

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