Track the Team's Progress
Track the Team's Progress

1st  Bradly Sinden (M-68kg)

2nd  Bianca Walkden (F+67kg)

2nd Lauren Williams (F-67kg)

4th Jade Jones (F-57kg)

12th Mahama Cho (M+80kg)

15th Christian McNeish(M-68kg)

20th Rebecca McGowan (+67kg)

3rd  Amy Truesdale (K44 +58kg)

5th Beth Munro (K44 -58kg)

7th  Matt Bush (K44 +75kg)

15th  Joseph Lane (K44 -75kg)

The path to Paris begins 🛣🇫🇷 Big shoutout to @uk_sport and @TNLUK for their continued support on our journey 💙…


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