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Damon Sansum



Name Damon Sansum
Weight -80kg
Height 187cm
D.O.B 18/02/1987
Town of Birth Elgin, Scotland
Based Manchester

OTHER SPORTS PLAYED: I was a kick boxer from the age of 11. But I also swam in local galas and won a North of Scotland bronze medal for shot putt when I was about 12.

WHEN DID YOU START TAEKWONDO AND WHY: I started WTF style taekwondo about five months ago. I come from a kick boxing background but as taekwondo provides the only chance to represent your country at a kicking martial art, I took part in the 'Fighting Chance' talent programme and was lucky enough to get selected to join the British Academy in Manchester. 

AMBITION: Overall goal is to win gold at the Olympics.

ROLE MODEL/FAVOURITE OTHER SPORTSMAN OR WOMAN: Got to be my dad, Lee, who has a background in kick boxing and karate. He is still a British kick boxing coach. He was in the military police and also a bodyguard to a lot of celebrities and VIP's.

WHY SHOULD THE PUBLIC WATCH TAEKWONDO: Since the rule changes there is a lot more scope to see head kicks and knockouts. So plenty of excitement.

IF SOMEONE GAVE YOU £1 MILLION, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH IT:  Firstly, take my girlfriend on a skiing holiday. But I'd like to open a chain of martial arts academies, similar to what we have in Manchester but more for the public. I got a business and sport degree at Nottingham University so I'd probably also invest in property.

SOME THING YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT DAMON SANSUM: I play lead guitar and I'm thinking of writing my own songs, Princess Diana was also one of the people my dad used to act as bodyguard for.


Year Competition City Position Weight
2015 Korean Open Chuncheon 3rd -80kg
2015 World Championships Chelyabinsk 2nd -80kg
2015 Dutch Open Eindhoven 1st -80kg
2015 Luxor Open Luxor 3rd -80kg
2015 Turkish Open Antalya 3rd -80kg
2015 US Open Orlando 1st -80kg
2014 Paris Open Paris 1st -80kg
2014 Commonwealth Championships Edinburgh 1st -80kg
2014 Grand Prix Astana 3rd -80kg
2014 European Championships Baku 2nd -80kg
2014 Bahrain Open Manama 2nd -80kg
2014 Luxor Open Luxor 2nd -80kg
2013 Paris Open Paris 1st -80kg
2013 German Open Hamburg 3rd -87kg
2013 Trelleborg Open Trelleborg 1st -87kg
2012 German Open Hamburg 1st -80kg