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Who is Scorpion Taekwondo……?

Scorpion Taekwondo Club members at their Doncaster headquarters.

Address: Scorpion Taekwondo Club, 1st Floor 24-26 Scot Lane, Doncaster, DN1 1ES.

Satellite Clubs: Scawthorpe, Wadworth, Westwoodside, Haxey

 Lead Coach: Pete Adamsons.

Support Coaches: Adele Deakes , Tony Morgan, Chris Wells.


Background and origins of the club:

The club was founded in 1988 and have subsequently gone on to be 9 Times British Champions.

The club can also be very proud that during past 30 years it has supported members to progress to compete for the National Team at every level from cadet Europeans to Olympic Games

Since their beginnings Scorpion students have won over 36 Major medals, winners from World Cup, European Championships, Junior European, Junior World, Cadet European, Cadet World Championships & Commonwealth Taekwondo Championships.

Scorpion Taekwondo Awarded GB Talent Club status 2014

 Our development philosophy:

Our philosophy is hard work and commitment in all areas of our students studying, whether it be in their Taekwondo training or school work. If you don’t put in the hard work and sacrifices you won’t achieve your final goal.

Top 5 achievements of past 5 years

  1. Senior Student won Bronze at European Championships
  2. Two athletes compete at the World Taekwondo Grand Prix
  3. Cadet Student won Bronze at Cadet World Championship
  4. Cadet Student won Bronze at Cadet European Championships
  5. 2nd placed Overall Team Award at British National Championships

Our all-time top achievements we’ve already had at our club

  1. Our Head Coach – Coaching at the Olympic Games
  2. Senior student winning the European Championships
  3. Senior student winning the World Cup
  4. Two students Competing at the Olympic Games
  5. Junior student winning the World Championships
  6. Two Junior students winning the European Championships at the same event

 Which of our players have been selected to the GB Taekwondo pathway:

  • Daniel Brown,
  • Simone Abley,
  • Ben Tucker,
  • Emily Watson,
  • Aiden Morley,
  • Adam Warner,
  • Ben Carson,
  • Dominic Naylor,
  • Daniel Carpanini,
  • Niall Gibson

Players supplied to Academy in past 5 years:

  • Jamie Abley

Before this we also had Aaron Cook & Stella Whitehead who were Academy athletes along with Caroline Fisher who even though wasn’t a full-time athlete like the others was on the Senior British Team on a regular basis.

Our key achievements and relationships:

Scorpion Taekwondo has worked with many International Coaches and clubs over the last 5 years and we  also have a close relationship with Doncaster College University Centre

Future ambitions of the club:

To continue having students selected onto the GB squads and British Teams, winning medals nationally and internationally.

After winning lots of medals at major championships we would like to continue and also have one of our students win an Olympic medal.

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