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24th September 2016 – 25th September 2016


05 Applications

All applications are to be made online at Martial Arts Registration Online:

Click here to register and submit all entries.

Please note: we will allow changes in competitor weight groups should a player fail the weigh-in (subject to an administration fee of £10.00 payable at the time of the weigh-in).

In addition, groups with single competitors will be combined with adjoining weight groups to ensure that all players will have the opportunity to compete.

All coaches are responsible for ensuring their players weight and entry details are correct as no refunds will be given should any player be disqualified or not wish to pay the administration fee to move weight groups. All information must be entered when registering players. Any player found not to have entered membership numbers and all other requested information will be removed from the system.

Any players remaining in the online system at the deadline will be responsible for paying the full entry fee even if that player does not compete.

Following the entry deadline, any changes may only be made at registration/weigh-in.

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