Taekwondo Organisation Ltd (TOL) was established in 2011 to provide a unified point of reference and to act as a central representative function for the sport of Taekwondo in all its forms. TOL serves Taekwondo’s member constituents – BTC, BT and GB Taekwondo – and works in pragmatic partnership with these Taekwondo organisations. TOL’s strategy is to support its Member bodies and help them grow and be successful, whilst providing an engaging forum to work together on common objectives. In working together to enhance the enjoyment and interest in Taekwondo within England, TOL presents a central forum for Taekwondo to the UK public and helps promote the values and contribution of Taekwondo to national life.

TOL’s Mission is to work as a cohesive, unified and modern organisation of independent Member bodies, encouraging participation in Taekwondo with its strategic intent being to:

  • Enable a collaborative approach that enables Taekwondo partners to achieve strategic priorities and meet Sport England objectives.
  • Maximise market opportunities for all aspects Taekwondo in how it serves its diverse membership
  • Build knowledge collaboration across Taekwondo partners.
  • Focus on insight-driven investments, directing activities where they have most impact and value
  • Continue to strengthen governance arrangements across the Taekwondo codes
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