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Manchester Grand Prix Final: Day 3 wrap-up

Day 3 of the Manchester Grand Prix Final ended with Rebecca McGowan winning the silver medal in the +67kg weight category.

The morning unfortunately saw early knockouts for Caden Cunningham and Lauren Williams who both were unlucky in their opening fights.

Caden however did just enough to gain his qualification spot for the Paris 2024 Olympics while Lauren will have to wait a little longer to try and claim her place at the games.

Most of the action for GB took place in the +67kg weight category where Bianca Cook and Rebecca McGowan were both battling through the tournament. Both fighters were victorious in their round of 16 fights, but the quarterfinals caused more issues for Bianca. Pleas from the crowd were made in the final seconds for a missed hit but the result didn’t go Bianca’s way.

Rebecca’s fight was a much simpler, winning the first two rounds to gain her place in the Semi-Finals.

While Rebecca won her place in the finals, she withdrew from the fight due to injury resulting in her day ending with the silver medal.

Caden Cunningham said:

This weekend didn’t go fully as expected but the main aim was to qualify for the Olympics and I’ve done that now. I think for the team as a whole it’s been a long year, a lot of competitions and travelling and they’ve all done so well. Everyone has given the performance their body could cope with and this is where we’re at.

I’m very happy to say that I’ve got a qualification to the Olympics, myself, my family and the team are happy. It was always a push to get to Paris especially after I got my acl surgery this time last year it was very in the air if I could even get there. But to have come back and to win the competitions I have and secure a qualification has been a very good experience to have gone through.”

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