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Slo Ready for Action! Development Trio Ready to Further their Taekwondo Education

23rd February 2019

Three exciting talents are looking to make their mark as part of a large and youthful GB Taekwondo squad at this weekend’s Slovenia Open.

Yorkshire teenagers Caden Cunningham and Marcus Brown plus Newcastle prospect, Ciaran McGovern, are part of the GB Taekwondo Development squad and among 27 athletes looking to impress.

Tokyo 2020 will probably come too soon for the Manchester trained team, the 2024 Olympics in Paris will be a definite focus for many.

Cunningham from Huddersfield competes in the -59kg weight division on Sunday.

And he’s excited by the prospect of testing himself against some of Europe’s brightest talent after getting to grips with Britain’s best at the National Taekwondo Centre.

“You are training with the seniors so you have got to be right on it,” said Cunningham.

“Everything is highlighted if you do something wrong so you try your hardest to get I right.

“When I first walked into the Centre I was really nervous seeing all the senior fighters.

“I was worried about not being able to keep up to their standard. But it’s actually been great.

“Everyone has been so supportive while I’ve been training, giving me pointers where they see fit.

“I haven’t been getting kicked all over the place which is good,” laughed Cunningham.

Brown (-51kg) from Dewsbury added: “I have been focusing on trying to correct the mistakes from other tournaments.

“It will be great travelling as part of a squad because you’ll have the extra boost of all your teammates cheering you on.”

McGovern (-68kg) and competing on Saturday is definitely relishing his opportunity of stepping up in class.

“Slovenia is going to be my first G1 event as a senior,” he explained. “So, I have been working hard to make sure my fitness is up to par.

“Everyone out there is going to be so fit and duration of rounds are longer as well. So, I have been making sure I am able to adapt to that.

“But I’m looking forward to having everyone cheering me on so that will give me extra motivation.”

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