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Team Announced for 2016 Cadet European Championships

CadetWe are delighted to announce the athletes selected to represent Great Britain at the 2016 Cadet European Championships from 8-11 September in Bucharest, Romania.

The team includes a talented selection of athletes from all over the country including some which received automatic qualification via The Presidents Cup, which took place earlier this year.

The team consists of 2015 European bronze medallists Holly Kelly of Jeon-sa & Matthew Guest of Lion Taekwondo and many will hope to replicate the same success as 2015 Cadet European Champion, Jordyn Smith (from Central Taekwondo Academy) who has now progressed onto the Junior squad and has also been selected for the Junior World Championships in November.

Many congratulations to all selected athletes, their clubs and coaches!


-29 Neve Hogg (Central Taekwondo)

-37 Erin Shaw (Central Taekwondo)

-41 Aaliyah Powell (Quest)

-44 Arundhathi Roy (Gurumu)

-47 Holly Kelly (Jeon-Sa) *Qualified via Presidents Cup

Brooklyn Burnside (Koryo)

-51 Maria Asef (Taekwondo Machine)

-55 Lauren Butler (Liverpool Elite)

-59 Charlotte Simpson (Quest) *Qualified vis Presidents Cup

Emily Brighton (Black Widow)

+59 Jasmine Cooke (Kixstar) *Qualified via Presidents Cup

Mia Rooke (All Stars)



-33 Joshua Long (Chi Taekwondo) *Qualified via Presidents Cup

-37 Kishur Nadarajan (Gurumu)

-41 Kai Law (Lion Taekwondo)

-45 Matthew Guest (Lion Taekwondo)

-49 Daniel Brown (Scorpion)

-53 Alex Foster (Quest) *Qualified via Presidents Cup

-57 Owen Turner (Ultimate) *Qualified via Presidents Cup

-61 Jamie Kidd (Horizon TKD)

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