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Team Announcement for 2020 Junior World Championships

21st July 2020

The World Championships are a high point of any junior athlete’s sporting career and today 18 youngsters have been selected to represent Great Britain at the prestigious event in Sofia, Bulgaria.

It will run from 14-18 October and will see a range of British fighters, aged between 15 and 17 years old, going head-to-head with some of the world’s best talent.

Many of them will hope to follow in the footsteps of current double European Champion, Lauren Williams along with European bronze medalist Jordyn Smith and Aaliyah Powell – all of whom have secured gold medals at the Championships before going on to compete as seniors.

The squad line-up most notably includes reigning European Champion, Chloe Roberts (formerly of Maddogs Martial Arts) who originates from a kickboxing background and hopes to hit the ground running.

She said: “I felt so excited when I heard that I’d made it onto the squad, my aim is to go out there and come back with nothing less than gold.”

“Training has been a little different due to lockdown but I’ve stayed committed and kept pushing as much as I can.”

Reigning Junior European Champion, Chloe Roberts in training at the National Taekwondo Centre

The same goes for teammate Erin Shaw (of Central Taekwondo Academy), “Training at home has been challenging both mentally and physically due to the restrictions but online zoom sessions have brought a sense of normality. I’m really looking forward to getting back into full contact sparring.”

As for teammate Joshua Tobin (Gajok Taekwondo Academy), he is ecstatic and can’t quite believe the news, “I had just returned from an evening cycle when I found out, having this kind of experience as a 14-year-old is a dream come true!”

Mia Pachansky, who hails from Aquila Taekwondo, added: “Looking at it from a positive angle – being at home has meant that I’ve had more time for individual training, especially the technical side of things. I’ve also been lucky enough to have a family that can do the sport too and have been able to spar with me during this period.”

Caden Cunningham (previously from Quest) said: “Grateful to be selected and happy to represent my country again. My aim is to go for gold, it’s what I’ve been working for in the gym.

“My preparation has been different this time – it’s been much better, as I’m on the senior team now and being in the academy has allowed me to become a world-class performer.”

Full Junior World Championships Team:

-42 Danya Serry

-44 Phoenix Goodman

-46 Latisha Garbett

-52 Mia Pachansky

-55 Jodie McKew

-59 Erin Shaw

– 63 Chloe Roberts

– 68 Amy Bone

+ 68 Emily Brighton

-48 Jamie McIntosh

-51 Jacob Wishart

-55 Joshua Tobin

-59 Elias Asef

-63 Matthew Howell

– 68 Daniel Brown

– 73 Alfie Walker

-78 Danyaal Butt

+78 Caden Cunningham

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