GB Taekwondo is delighted to announce its latest addition to its ‘Talent Club’ initiative.

Ultimate Taekwondo, from Doncaster has following a period of collaborative work been officially recognised as a GB Taekwondo ‘Talent Club’.

Ultimate Taekwondo was founded in 1996 by Kathy Hook, herself a GB athlete at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona before furthering her coaching interests. The club opened their first fulltime Taekwondo Gym in 2009 before moving to the larger current location ‘The Den’ in 2010 due to membership demand.

Ultimate have regularly supplied athletes to the GB Taekwondo Talent Pathway and can currently take pride in the fact that Leah Moorby (GB Junior Female Player of the year 2015) and Mason Yarrow (GB Cadet Male Player of the year 2015) are amongst their membership.

Ultimate Taekwondo is a not for profit club with fees, donations and sponsorship reinvested into their facilities and supporting their aspiring athletes.  The club regularly welcomes new members and teaches all aspects of Sport Taekwondo within a structured training program.  At Ultimate the belief is that setting goals, teaching leadership skills, raising self-belief and discipline play a vital role in its athlete’s development.

Ultimate Taekwondo Mission Statement:

‘The goal of Ultimate Taekwondo is to develop and promote the ideals of responsibility, hard work, sportsmanship and teamwork within a safe and positive environment.  Individual growth is enhanced through competition, discipline and fair play to enable the players to become the best they possibly can be. These goals will be accomplished by providing structured programs and all the information and support the athletes need’.

Ultimate now join Gurumu, Kang Han, Scorpion, Team Academy and British Taekwondo South (BTS) as a Talent Club and share with them the opportunity to contribute to the continued success of GB Taekwondo and also benefit from a closer relationship with GB Taekwondo and its staff.

The Talent Club initiative has the aspiration of supporting a connected community of clubs and coaches that prioritise Sport Taekwondo and have a proven track record of developing performance potential and high performance athletes.  By bringing together forward thinking clubs and their respective coaching networks the vision is to support and enhance the existing learning and training environments that clubs provide for their highest potential athletes.  Selected clubs will have the opportunity to significantly contribute to the continuous progression of the GB Taekwondo developmental pathway from grassroots through to high performance. 

The intention is to continue growing the network of Talent Clubs with conversations currently taking place with a number of clubs who have expressed an interest in contributing to the network.  Visits to these clubs are currently ongoing with the outcome that a small number will be invited to work towards evidencing the necessary attributes in early 2016 before they can be officially recognised as a GB Taekwondo endorsed Talent Club.

Further rounds of recruitment are planned for Spring/Summer 2016.

Everyone at GB Taekwondo applauds and congratulates Ultimate Taekwondo on achieving ‘Talent Club’ status and look forward to working alongside the club, its players, coaches and management team in the future.

To learn more about Ultimate Taekwondo please follow the below link to their website:   


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