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2019 Junior European Championships Team Announcement

29th July 2019

We are delighted to announce the team that has been selected for the upcoming Junior European Championships which takes place in Spain between 4th-6th October 2019.

The 19-strong squad comprises of reigning Junior World Champion, Aaliyah Powell (formerly of Quest Taekwondo) who is hoping to turn her 2017 silver medal win into a gold.

She’ll be joined by Sharissa Gannaway (BTS) who also achieved a silver win at the 2017 Junior European Championships.

Upon hearing the news, Gannaway said: “I’m excited to be going to the Junior Europeans for a second time and I hope to move up on the podium this time around.”

Fellow teammate, Ella Sands (Team Premier) is looking forward to making her big debut on a major stage: “I feel very proud to have been selected, it has been my main aim over the past 12 months and it feels like my hard work is beginning to pay off. If anything, this has motivated me more!”

Former kickboxer, Hayden Corby (BTS) is confident ahead of the event, “It feels so incredible, especially since I’ve only been doing this sport for such a short amount of time.”

He continued, “My goal for the Championship is to ultimately put in my best performance and to execute my game plan which I’ve been practicing.”

2018 Cadet European Championships bronze medallist, Elias Asef (Taekwondo Machine) is also keen to make his mark, “When my family first heard the news, they were really happy and excited for me. My goal is to try my hardest at the event and take every match as it comes.”

The Junior European Championships Team:

Danya Serry -42kg
Neve Hogg -44kg
Tegan Paynter -49kg
Aaliyah Powell -52kg
Holly Kelly -55kg
Chloe Roberts -59kg
Ella Sands -63kg
Sharissa Gannaway -68kg
Emily Brighton +68kg
Jacob Wishart -45kg
Coady Boyd -48kg
Joshua Long -51kg
Hayden Corby -55kg
Daniel Brown -59kg
Caden Cunningham -63kg
Alex Foster -73kg
Camran Hassan -78kg
Daniel Oluwatoyin +78kg






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