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2021 Junior European Championships Selection

Junior European Championships – 12-15 Nov, 2021:                                                                      

Athletes who meet the eligibility criteria* are now invited to register their interest for the Junior European Championships.  Due to the unique circumstance of this year athletes will have a small window of time to request a) a selection pack and b) to submit their Expression of Interest (EoI).


All the while that the WTE remain committed to the Championships in mid-November hosted by Sarajevo, Bosnia, Herzegovina, GB Taekwondo will proceed with its selection process.  However, ultimately our final decisions concerning attendance will be contingent upon the UK Governments policies at the time of the Championships and the Covid-19 status in the UK in late October. 

All correspondence selection pack / EoI must be requested / submitted by e-mail to;


Please state the event you are applying for in the subject header ie. Junior ECh 2021.

Requirements in order that a selection pack is issued:

1. Full name, DoB,

2. Clear image /jpeg of your BT & WT membership number (GAL),

3. Clear image / jpeg of your Kukkiwon,

4. Club name & number

5. Full postal address

* Eligibility criteria for Junior European Championships and the assessment event:

  1. Year of birth 2004 – 2006
  2. British citizen with a current passport expiry date 2022 or beyond
  3. Fulfil one or more of the events listed in the Detailed Selection Information table below

Category A Event Category B Event Category C
Junior/Senior Cadet / Junior / Senior 13-18 Dev Squad Cadet
Junior European Championships, 2019 Senior European Championships, 2021 Competed at a G1 or higher international between Oct 2019 – Mar 2020   Development Squad (GB Taekwondo) athletes in the year 2019 / 2020 / 2021   World Championships, 2019 European Championships, 2019

This year in the absence of Junior G1 international events GB Taekwondo will use a round robin assessment event to evaluate the readiness of an athlete to perform at the Junior European Championships and to achieve the aims of the GSP. 

The assessment day will take place at the National Centre. 

The assessment day is anticipated to take place the afternoon of Thurs 19th Aug (females) / the afternoon of Fri 20th Aug (males).

The EoI deadline is Monday 9th Aug by close of play but please note you will first need to request the selection pack providing requirements 1-5.  Staff will not be working weekends to reply to selection pack requests. Do allow enough time for this to sent by e-mail allowing time to complete and return the EoI. 

NB Please note that process relates solely to athletes wishing to be considered for selection to the 2021 Junior European Championships and should not be confused with the current ‘Fighting Chance 13-18 2021’ campaign.

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