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GB Taekwondo Announces Partnership with Daedo

31st March 2022

 Daedo, a martial arts brand specializing in WT recognized Taekwondo PSS (Protector Scoring System), has signed a three-year official sponsorship agreement with GB Taekwondo, managing the British national taekwondo team at Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, and World and European Championships.

Daedo, based in Barcelona, is a global leading Taekwondo PSS provider selected as a Taekwondo PSS supplier by OMEGA for the third consecutive time from the 2012 London Olympics to the Tokyo Olympics last year.

GB Taekwondo has achieved outstanding results on the international stage since winning the first gold medal at the 2001 World Championships through the systematic program and management.

It won gold and bronze medals at the 2012 London Olympics, gold and silver medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics, and two silver and one bronze medals at the Tokyo Olympics. Along with silver and bronze medals at the Tokyo Paralympics.

Daedo announced that it had become an official sponsor of GB Taekwondo, which has achieved excellent results to contribute to the scientific and globalization of Taekwondo.

Daedo CEO Cheun-wook Park said: “Daedo is contributing to the globalization of Taekwondo by enhancing the fairness and scoring reliability and focusing on technology development for fun and exciting match through continuous innovation of the Protector Scoring System (PSS). By signing this sponsorship, we will cooperate with GB Taekwondo to further contribute to the scientificization of Taekwondo and the globalization of Taekwondo.”

GB Taekwondo’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul Buxton said: “We are delighted to announce this partnership between GB Taekwondo and Daedo, that will ensure GB athletes have access to the very best protective equipment and competition wear. This partnership supports our ambition to provide athletes with the very best opportunity to develop and realise their talents on the international stage.”

Daedo maintains contracts with World Taekwondo and its five continental federations. It holds exclusivity contracts with four regions and one non-exclusivity contract.

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