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24th September 2016 – 25th September 2016


12 Equipment

Advanced Senior, Advanced Junior, Advanced Cadet, Advanced Child and Veteran players will be provided with a Daedo electronic body protector.

All other athletes must provide their own standard non-electronic body protector.

All players must wear the required protective equipment: WTF recognised head guard in Red or Blue Colour – WHITE HEADGEAR IS NO LONGER PERMITED, WTF recognised body protector, groin guard, shin guards, arm guards, hand gloves and a clear or white gum shield.

A list of companies which supply WTF-recognised protective equipment can be found on the WTF website: http://www.worldtaekwondofederation.net

All contestants will be required to proceed to the inspection desk for officials to check their dobok and protective equipment before entering the competition area.

Any contestant wearing unofficial equipment will not be permitted to compete.

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