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GP Finalists Up the Amp

With this year’s World Taekwondo Grand Prix being held in Mexico City, the GB coaching staff had to take on unique measures to ensure that the four finalists were ready.

Both Olympic and World Champions, Jade Jones and Bianca Walkden as well as, World Championships medallist, Damon Sansum spent the months leading up to the competition training in a high altitude chamber based in Manchester’s English Institute of Sport.

Although the people of Mexico are best known for their love of sombreros, the city itself is internationally recognised as being 2240m above sea level. This means that visitors who aren’t used to the rise in elevation could experience breathing difficulties, as the oxygen levels are reduced a great deal.

Despite this, our bodies usually adapt to this change by producing more red blood cells and haemoglobin over a set period of time (2 weeks).

The chamber paired with a specialised altitude simulation tent for sleeping, allowed the team to acclimatise ahead of the competition and have that extra edge.

To watch the some of the finalists in action inside the chamber, please click below:

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